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Weddings are magical.

When I started out, I was totally intimidated by shooting weddings.  The idea of making photographs where there is no re-shoot, no do-over.  These are images that two people are most likely going to spend the rest of their lives looking at.

Now, I love them.

Weddings, for all the stress, and busy-ness and chaos are one of the most rewarding things to shoot.  I always think, someone trusted me to take the photographs that they will use to remember this most special of days.

If you enjoy my wedding images – call or email me.  We should get together and have coffee and talk about what you want.  I may not be the photographer for you – but we won’t know if we “click” until we get together and talk about it.  And if I’m not the one for you, I can probably help you find a photographer that is.

My phone number is 250.255.0428

My email is