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Emerging Photographers 2010 Winners Announced

Photolife Magazine just published their September issue with the winners of the Emerging Photographers 2010 Contest announced.  As you may have guessed, I didn’t make the cut.

I’ve flipped through the honourable mentions, and I have to say, I’m not very impressed.

This is not to say that I think my photos were so much more deserving. (Well, I might a  teeny little bit, but that’s my egotistical side speaking – something all of us photographers have some of.)

I found the images chosen to be … underwhelming.  There were certainly some excellent examples – but there were also some that left me wondering why they were chosen in the first place.  I know it would have taken more time, and more work, but I’d have loved to see a small bit of text with each image saying why it was chosen – it might have helped me, as an emerging photographer – see what the judges were able to see that I could not.

A couple were so digitally manipulated that I didn’t feel I was looking at a photograph any longer.  I’m a fan of digital manipulation (one of my submitted images was split-toned in lightroom) but only to a certain extent in a photography competition.  A couple were just out of my artistic ken – I don’t see why they were chosen at all.

I trust the judges.  They saw something I couldn’t.  Usually though I can look at a photograph and understand. This time I couldn’t.

For your reference, below are the images I submitted.  Go and pick up a copy yourself and see what you think.  See if the images chosen as winners and honourable mentions appeal to you.  See what resonates, and what doesn’t.

See – that’s the great thing about art.  Love it or Hate it.  Understand it or fail to comprehend.  It’s art.  And someone, somewhere – will love it.

Trust – Photolife Contest Edit

Trust - Photolife Contest Edition

Kissed – Photolife Contest Edit


FrostFlowers – Photolife Contest Edit


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