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Emerging Photographers 2010 Winners Announced

Photolife Magazine just published their September issue with the winners of the Emerging Photographers 2010 Contest announced.  As you may have guessed, I didn’t make the cut.

I’ve flipped through the honourable mentions, and I have to say, I’m not very impressed.

This is not to say that I think my photos were so much more deserving. (Well, I might a  teeny little bit, but that’s my egotistical side speaking – something all of us photographers have some of.)

I found the images chosen to be … underwhelming.  There were certainly some excellent examples – but there were also some that left me wondering why they were chosen in the first place.  I know it would have taken more time, and more work, but I’d have loved to see a small bit of text with each image saying why it was chosen – it might have helped me, as an emerging photographer – see what the judges were able to see that I could not.

A couple were so digitally manipulated that I didn’t feel I was looking at a photograph any longer.  I’m a fan of digital manipulation (one of my submitted images was split-toned in lightroom) but only to a certain extent in a photography competition.  A couple were just out of my artistic ken – I don’t see why they were chosen at all.

I trust the judges.  They saw something I couldn’t.  Usually though I can look at a photograph and understand. This time I couldn’t.

For your reference, below are the images I submitted.  Go and pick up a copy yourself and see what you think.  See if the images chosen as winners and honourable mentions appeal to you.  See what resonates, and what doesn’t.

See – that’s the great thing about art.  Love it or Hate it.  Understand it or fail to comprehend.  It’s art.  And someone, somewhere – will love it.

Trust – Photolife Contest Edit

Trust - Photolife Contest Edition

Kissed – Photolife Contest Edit


FrostFlowers – Photolife Contest Edit


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Coming Soon


I’m glad you’re here.  I’ve got some news to share, so read along and let me know what you think.

I’ve been sorting through my images, trying to come up with the ones that I want to put up on my portfolio.  I don’t want ones that are too old, as I don’t want to “undersell” myself, nor do I only want to post the best, as I don’t want to “oversell” myself.

Accordingly, I think it’s best to let customers, visitors and fans choose which photos will make the cut.  I’m going to be sponsoring a contest on that topic in the coming weeks, with the prize yet to be decided, but probably an amazing print, either gallery mounted or framed. (Let me know what you think the prize or prizes should be.)

This weekend had a couple of great experiences.  On Saturday I photographed a couple of income properties for a local company.  Some shots are going to be for portfolio work, and some are going to be used for before/after comparisons.  On Sunday I did my first day of subcontracting to Northern Persona Photography – for an epic day!  We did 14 half hour photo shoots on Sunday.  Almost all of them were 1/2 hour, 2 took a whole hour.  During the day we only got off schedule 10 minutes by the end, which is pretty darn good.  Each one was exciting and different – the light was horrible, stark and bright nearly all day, but with some ingenuity, a reflector and some persistence we managed to get Tineke some great shots – I’m sure making lots of clients happy.

Lots of editing to do this week  – So I should get to it.  Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy what’s here so far.


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