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Save money on Beautiful Prints

New Year Promotion – 50% off Re-Prints

For the month of January I will be offering a special promotion to my existing clients. If you booked a photography session with me in 2012, any print order you place before the end of January will be discounted by 50%

Simply call me @ 250.255.0428 or email me at jeff@jclossphoto.com and we will get together, have some coffee, share some laughter and get you some gorgeous prints for your walls. If you wanted to order at your session, but even the 30% discount for your initial¬†order wasn’t enough, this is the time to get some of that lovely art for your walls!

This discount applies to all prints on my current print price list. That means that hard-backed and laminated prints are 50% off. So are Collage Wall Layouts. Image blocks, also 50% off.

I will be re-adding some lower price point prints as well in the next couple of days. Those will also count for this discount. If you don’t have a copy of my price list, get hold of me and I’ll get you a new one.

So, what are you waiting for? Order some prints before the end of January and you’ll save half your investment!

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Hidden Gems

I’m finding hidden gems tonight.

I use Lightroom 3 as my main photo workflow program. It lets me quickly and easily organize a shoot, apply basic corrections and export in all the multiple formats I use.

I just set up my flickr export option – now I can export images directly to my flickr stream without having to go and manually upload them – very cool. You can click and take a look – my flickr stream is not necessarily portfolio worthy – more it’s a collection of working files, ideas and family photographs.

Granted, it doesn’t look any different from my normal flickr, but it is. Trust me.

The other hidden gem is Lightroom’s “Web” function. I now have an easily functional and customizable way to upload temporary or permanent galleries to my website. I put up a temporary test gallery at this address: jclossphoto.com/galleries/test/

Test it out. Take it for a test drive.

Let me know what you think. I want to know what you like, what you don’t like and what you don’t really care about.

I can also password protect galleries – giving me a low cost way to implement online ordering. It’s not as fancy as some of the higher end hosting solutions that let me drop ship orders directly to a customers door – but it also keeps me in contact with my clients, is a homebrew solution and lets me use my regular professional lab. The lab that takes care of me, gives me discounts and really works to have a relationship with me as a client. I like that – it’s important to me.

Really, it’s the way I strive to treat my clients.

Since I’m finding hidden gems tonight, here’s one for you.

Faded Pumpkin Baby

Faded Pumpkin Baby

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