I love portraits.

One on one, a couple or a whole family.  I love creating photographs of somebody that shows them the way I see them.

Everybody has a beauty – sometimes it’s femininity and grace, sometimes it’s boldness or presence, maybe something else entirely.  My favourite thing about portraits is when my clients see them, and really, truly understand the wonderful things I saw in them.  I’m always amazed that I get to do this.

If you liked this sample of portraits – call or email me.  We should get together and have coffee and talk about what you want.  I may not be the photographer for you – but we won’t know if we “click” until we get together and talk about it.  And if I’m not the one for you, I can probably help you find a photographer that is.

My phone number is 250.255.0428

My email is jeff@jclossphoto.com