Services and Prices

Let J Closs Photography help create your vision.  While I focus on portraits and weddings, I am a full range photographer and am open to any type of work.  No job is too big or too small, so feel free to contact me via the contact page in the header above or email me at to request a quote or information on my services.

At this time I do not have dedicated studio space, preferring to work on location with natural light.  However, I do have experience in studio work and with multiple types of lighting setups, so no matter what your vision, I can help you to make it a reality.

I believe that professional photography is a lifetime investment.  When you pay someone to capture your memories or vision, you want to know that you are getting a professional who guarantees that you will be happy with your product, that it is worth your investment and will be something you will want to share for the rest of your life.   Accordingly, you will find our 2012-2013 wedding and portrait prices below.  If you wish to have something that is not covered in the list below, contact me.


Price List


The Moment

Half hour engagement session
Included with any wedding package

125 (If purchased separately)

The Event

Ceremony and Formals
Including digital copies, 4×6 prints and one 11×14 image block

The Experience

Bridal Party Preparations, Ceremony, Formals, and the Celebration
Including digital copies, 4×6 prints and one 11×14 image block

The Every Day

Solo, Couple, or Family Portrait sessions in half or full hours
Including medium resolution digital copies
125 / 200