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What I’m Working On

As I have no paid shoots lined up right now, I’m finding myself in the position of having time to work on things that need working on. What are they? Read on and find out.

Exchange Student

Sam and I decided now is a good time to invite a teenage boy into our house. You know, because we’ve got all this free time raising 3 girls ages 4, 2 and 8m. Lots of spare time.

Our exchange student’s name is Arthur. He is from Brazil, speaks Portuguese as a first language and is quite fluent in English. He is pretty much a straight “A” student and shares lots of interests with our family – I think he will be quite a good fit.

Welcoming a teenage boy into our home has necessitated some interesting changes, including forcing us to finish some renovations so that he has a functional bedroom and whatnot. Parenting a teenager is likely to give us some sleepless nights – even a well behaved teenager.

Business End

The business end of my business is my weak point. Networking I’m ok with, selling myself I can normally do well. Building a coherent price list, adjusting for shipping, markup, etc – not so awesome. I know right now I am technically selling myself short in some areas – so this is something I need to focus on while I have some downtime.

I’m working on building better price lists that more accurately account for the actual costs of running a business. I’m also working on networking – some free-time shoots may have gained me some business. I am solidly in the camp that a photographer should not work for free – however, sometimes a shoot is done on “spec”. I may not be making any money on the front end of the shoot, but I can hopefully turn some profit on the back end through licensing or making connections with people who see different aspects of my work than I can normally do.


Right now my website is WordPress powered, and the theme is a custom theme I purchased from Photocrati. It’s good, and I generally like it – however there are some issues I’d like to fix. Some are simple, like updating my theme with the custom logo I had designed by Defiance Art. Some are trickier – I don’t like the built in gallery, and my site is not iphone/ipad optimized – a must for emerging photographers in these portable device times.

Personal Editing

I have a huge backlog of photos in my archive that need editing. I have a work flow (or the beginnings of one…) that I use for all my professional stuff. That said, my personal photos always seem to take a back seat to paid stuff. Hopefully I can get more personal editing done. Father’s Day, Friend’s Birthdays and general family photos need to be worked through and posted somewhere. A couple have made it to my flickr or deviantart streams, but not as many as I’d like.

Photo Club

I was approached by a member of the previous Quesnel Camera Club. He was interested in the fact that I’ve been wanting to organize some photowalks and etc. He’s willing to support me and use the people he knows to help us get off the ground again. I’m still interested in it, but see, this is turning into a long list. If I had good response I’d be willing to get it started though – I’m just not feeling the interest from the new crop of photographers. Perhaps I’m looking in all the wrong places?

So – would I give up all these back-burner projects for a chance to get out and do some paid shoots? Hell Ya! There’s nothing I like better about my job than getting out, interacting and coaxing great moments out of people. That’s the part I need to do more of. So, y’know. If you’ve been thinking of giving me a call and putting it off because I seem busy – I’m not – I’m waiting for your call. Head over to my contact page if you need my phone number or email.

We’ll work something out.

If you’ve stuck around this long, here – have a sunset.

First Sunset

It’s the first one I took with my new 50D when I got it. Just a quick snap, but I like it. Hope you do too.

Ciao for Now.