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Jeff is a portrait photographer based in Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada. He is also a geek, and a dad. When he grows up he hopes to be a superhero, a firefighter or lead the resistance against an alien invasion.

Autumn again….

I’ve shot three weddings over the last three weekends. My mother got married, after 26 years of being single after my father died. It was wonderful, and I love the man she married. But still, it’s my mom. She’s never been married in basically all of my remembering life. My “Aunt” got married. She isn’t […]

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Quiet Season in Quesnel

It’s “quiet season” in Quesnel right now.  Dead of winter, and we’re getting the coldest temperatures that we’ve had all winter so far. I’ve been out shooting a little bit, but mostly indoors.  Some great still life pictures of flowers and whatnot, as well as some family pictures from some recent winter events here in […]

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Last Minute Autumn Special!

Winter is coming! I know lots of you have been putting off getting fall photos done for a multitude of reasons. This November 11th I’ll be having a special “last minute” fall sale! Shot outdoors on location at my beautiful acreage, I’ll be booking 20 minute sessions for the low price of 45.00 each. You […]

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Hidden Gems

I’m finding hidden gems tonight. I use Lightroom 3 as my main photo workflow program. It lets me quickly and easily organize a shoot, apply basic corrections and export in all the multiple formats I use. I just set up my flickr export option – now I can export images directly to my flickr stream […]

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What I’m Working On

As I have no paid shoots lined up right now, I’m finding myself in the position of having time to work on things that need working on. What are they? Read on and find out.

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Concert Photography

I decided I’d like to shoot it, so I went to the venue (a local bar) and asked. The owner was cool with it and I took the time to confirm with the performers that they were cool with it as well. I had awesome access (a good thing about a small town and small venue) so I was able to get up on stage left for some of the acts and up in the DJ booth on stage right, as well as down in front of the stage. At one point I was even helped up onto a speaker stack to get a better angle.

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Emerging Photographers 2010 Winners Announced

Photolife Magazine just published their September issue with the winners of the Emerging Photographers 2010 Contest announced.  As you may have guessed, I didn’t make the cut. I’ve flipped through the honourable mentions, and I have to say, I’m not very impressed. This is not to say that I think my photos were so much […]

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Brand, Portfolios and Background – Stuff I struggle with.

It’s why I’m having a hell of a time figuring out what images I want in my real portfolio and hung on my wall in my office. Because really, what you show is what you get. But what I want to do isn’t something there is much market for in our small town. Nor do I have much in my portfolio right now that is the type of photography I want to do. I need to use my portfolio, and my website, and my word of mouth and every other tool available to me to build a brand that people want to stick with – I just worry about pigeonholing myself by building a brand that is too specific. Yet I worry about building a brand that has no momentum because it is so widespread and generalized.

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Back End

I’m messing around on the back end a bit today.  Page colours and whatnot may change sporadically.  If you see something you like, post a comment or something to let me know, but also let know what it is – cause I might change it again later on. If you can’t get here sometime today, […]

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Changes Happening

In order to attempt to target the market I really want to shoot for I’ve decided to update a few things, can a few projects and generally make a better plan for the future. Shortly, will become defunct.  I will probably redirect it to this host.  I had a good time starting with my […]

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