The Great Email List

When I started my business, one of the ideas I had was a monthly newsletter to keep my clients informed, offer specials etc. I started collecting my client’s emails on my paperwork, with a little tickbox for “yes, send me the awesome!”, or something like that.

That was 5 years ago.

Yesterday I finally got it set up.

Today, I’m offering you a limited time, special discount, comes with a free chef knife (no it doesn’t) offer to sign up.

What’s the benefit? Well, I’m glad you asked. You see. Um.


You get to read what I write, every once in a while?

Well. This is easier. Here are some things that won’t happen as a result of you signing up.

  • I will not spam you
  • I will not charge you money for the emails
  • As a result of signing up, you will not give me irrevocable, worldwide rights to claim your first born. (even if you wanted to)
  • You will not see pictures of me clubbing baby seals.  That’s just not on.

So, what are the benefits?  For serious.

  • I will email you occasionally
  • You will get first chance at special offers, made only to my email list – like discounts on sessions etc.
  • I will do at least one, maybe more, giveaways or contests.  Available only to email subscribers – and you won’t have to go through a complicated entry process every time – just signing up once is enough.
  • You may find that in 24 hours after signing up, visible signs of aging have decreased.  Then again, this isn’t face cream, so that may not happen.

I hope you want to read what I write, and get whatever awesomeness I can think of.  I’m always willing to listen to suggestions, so feel free to email me with what you think an occasional email newsletter should include.  I won’t promise to obey you, but I’ll at least think about it.

To sign up, you can click the “Contact” page above, or you can visit this link:

Go ahead and click it.  I’ll wait.

And I’ll see you in your inbox later.  It’s a date.

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Jeff Closs

Photographer/Owner at J Closs Photography
Jeff is a portrait photographer based in Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada.He is also a geek, and a dad.When he grows up he hopes to be a superhero, a firefighter or lead the resistance against an alien invasion.
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