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I’ve been experimenting with using YouTube to build portfolio videos. The first one I did is called “A Collection of Children” and is a slideshow of children I’ve photographed up until 2012.  I will be making a revised version of this, mostly because I have made some fantastic photos of children lately, especially during my Autumn Special.

I also plan on building one of these for teens, one for weddings, one for men, one for women….you get the idea.  I think it’s a great way to show off a body of work that is particular to one single subject – a portfolio, but one that is a little more interactive as one can use the social networking portions of youtube to comment and critique.

Check out the one I’ve made already, and feel free to tell me what you’d do different, or what you’d like to see next.


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Jeff Closs

Photographer/Owner at J Closs Photography
Jeff is a portrait photographer based in Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada.He is also a geek, and a dad.When he grows up he hopes to be a superhero, a firefighter or lead the resistance against an alien invasion.
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