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I know well that not many people visit here, except possibly to research information.  At least, that’s what my page analysis tells me.

However, in order to make this page both more appealing visually, and content wise, I will be performing some updates.

The page style has been changed to something more modern and clean.  I’ll be putting up a price list so that people can research price without resorting to emailing me, or worse, posting on Facebook.  Facebook is great for many things, but I have lost at least three major shoots to having notifications of new messages not sent to me, and not getting back to people in a reasonable time frame because of it.

I used to subscribe to the idea that it was better to start building a rapport with every potential customer by having them contact me for prices, that way I could begin selling them my service right from the beginning.  However, as I am not a natural salesperson, this is not working well.  I think it better to provide the information and just get the customer contact that has already looked at my price list, had a slight heart attack, and decided that they like my work enough to pay my prices.

I’ll not promise to continue to update this content constantly, but while I work on the site and getting it better, there will be a few more posts generated.

Stay Tuned.


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Jeff Closs

Photographer/Owner at J Closs Photography
Jeff is a portrait photographer based in Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada.He is also a geek, and a dad.When he grows up he hopes to be a superhero, a firefighter or lead the resistance against an alien invasion.
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