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My Girls – 2012

After editing my girls’ mini sessions photos tonight, I had to do something with them.  I did a quick layout of 6 images of my youngest, and called it “The Many Faces of Addison”.  You can see it on my facebook page.

When I do my  “Fall Mini Sessions”, I give each of my girls 1 mini session – 15 minutes. These are their school photos, but they’re also a good example of what a mini-session with me is.  It’s a quick portrait session, but I usually get about 8-12 images out of each session.  For my girls it totaled about 60, so that’s about 20 per session – not unreasonable in 15 minutes, but a little over what I’d tell a client to expect.

I often over-compensate when I do my promotional jazz – I don’t like to include too many images of my kids, instead I lean heavily to “real” clients.  This time however, I wanted to do something kind of awesome for my kids pictures.

I put together a YouTube video of my girls mini-sessions.  All three are strung together and I used YouTube’s fancy free music overlay tool of awesomesauce to glam it up a bit.

Please take a look.  If you like it, please comment, like and subscribe.

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Save money on Beautiful Prints

New Year Promotion – 50% off Re-Prints

For the month of January I will be offering a special promotion to my existing clients. If you booked a photography session with me in 2012, any print order you place before the end of January will be discounted by 50%

Simply call me @ 250.255.0428 or email me at and we will get together, have some coffee, share some laughter and get you some gorgeous prints for your walls. If you wanted to order at your session, but even the 30% discount for your initial order wasn’t enough, this is the time to get some of that lovely art for your walls!

This discount applies to all prints on my current print price list. That means that hard-backed and laminated prints are 50% off. So are Collage Wall Layouts. Image blocks, also 50% off.

I will be re-adding some lower price point prints as well in the next couple of days. Those will also count for this discount. If you don’t have a copy of my price list, get hold of me and I’ll get you a new one.

So, what are you waiting for? Order some prints before the end of January and you’ll save half your investment!

YouTube Portfolio

I’ve been experimenting with using YouTube to build portfolio videos. The first one I did is called “A Collection of Children” and is a slideshow of children I’ve photographed up until 2012.  I will be making a revised version of this, mostly because I have made some fantastic photos of children lately, especially during my Autumn Special.

I also plan on building one of these for teens, one for weddings, one for men, one for women….you get the idea.  I think it’s a great way to show off a body of work that is particular to one single subject – a portfolio, but one that is a little more interactive as one can use the social networking portions of youtube to comment and critique.

Check out the one I’ve made already, and feel free to tell me what you’d do different, or what you’d like to see next.


Site Changes

I know well that not many people visit here, except possibly to research information.  At least, that’s what my page analysis tells me.

However, in order to make this page both more appealing visually, and content wise, I will be performing some updates.

The page style has been changed to something more modern and clean.  I’ll be putting up a price list so that people can research price without resorting to emailing me, or worse, posting on Facebook.  Facebook is great for many things, but I have lost at least three major shoots to having notifications of new messages not sent to me, and not getting back to people in a reasonable time frame because of it.

I used to subscribe to the idea that it was better to start building a rapport with every potential customer by having them contact me for prices, that way I could begin selling them my service right from the beginning.  However, as I am not a natural salesperson, this is not working well.  I think it better to provide the information and just get the customer contact that has already looked at my price list, had a slight heart attack, and decided that they like my work enough to pay my prices.

I’ll not promise to continue to update this content constantly, but while I work on the site and getting it better, there will be a few more posts generated.

Stay Tuned.