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Thanksgiving Special

I will be doing a couple of “marathon” shoots this autumn. The first of these is coming up in just 3 weeks!

Book now to get portrait sessions done on Saturday, October 8th. I will be booking 15 Minute mini-sessions for only $45.00 each.

Each mini session will come with a full set of digital copies in medium resolution – with a printing release included. These are great for printing up to 5×7, and possibly higher, depending on the image.

These are great sessions to replace or accentuate school photos, seasonal cards and can even fit quick family sessions. Feel free to book multiple sessions on this day if you think you need just a little more time.

Give me a call, or email me and I will get you booked. I’m expecting times to fill up fast.

Couples shoot – with motorcycles

Anytime I get to combine photography and motorcycles I’m a happy camper.  I love riding, and I love photographing it.

So, having a co-worker ask me to do a couples shoot with his girlfriend was right up my alley.  Dave rides a BMW 1250GS, customized quite a bit.  Ingrid rids a Harley-Davidson.  Sportster 883 I think.  I ride a Kawasaki Ninja 250, or a borrowed CBR-600 when the occasion arrises, as it has this last summer.  The weather this year has been a drag, but today was a perfect day to get out and ride.  Also – to photograph two cuddly bikers.  (Does that sound like an oxymoron?)

[singlepic id=87 w=320 h=240 float=]

The light wasn’t awesome, but we made do.  When we were almost done, I found a tucked away staircase, and got one of my favourite shots of the day.

[singlepic id=86 w=320 h=240 float=]

Then, Dave and Ingrid hopped on their bikes and met me a little ways up the road.  We did a couple shots there, and I got my last shot of the day, the two of them riding single file down the road and around a corner.   It’s a fitting end to a great shoot.

[singlepic id=88 w=320 h=240 float=]

Autumn again….

I’ve shot three weddings over the last three weekends. My mother got married, after 26 years of being single after my father died. It was wonderful, and I love the man she married. But still, it’s my mom. She’s never been married in basically all of my remembering life.

My “Aunt” got married. She isn’t really a relation but her and her now husband housed me for a year when I was going to school in town and lived far out in the wilderness. Our family lived in the boonies, about 100km east of Quesnel, the small city I live in now. We lived beyond any modern conveniences, like electricity, running water etc. We burned propane and kerosene lanterns for light, we hauled water to our house, used an outhouse for the “necessities” (even in -40C winter weather, in the middle of the night). But we had great experiences. My brother and I used to be able to hop into a canoe and paddle up the lake and camp, any time we wanted. We used to bike dozens of kilometers to our nearest neighbors, and always be greeted with pie and lemonade and an offer of supper and likely, a place to stay the night before we biked back the next day. We hunted, we gardened, we horse logged. We lived a very rustic life, that isn’t common any more. (I ramble, end of ramble now)

So, when I wanted to go to school in town, I had to stay somewhere with bus service, so I stayed with friends where I only had to ride a bus for an hour and a quarter each way, twice a day. What a relaxing life! We even had electricity. So, after 16 years, they got married too. And I photographed their wedding.

Then the next weekend, my sister got married. So I got to shoot that wedding too. Very elegant. Very Formal. Very – Jen. It was my sister to a “T”. Beautiful and trendy. So, I have some more wedding portfolio stock now. I’m thinking next summer will be my first summer of real wedding bookings.

We also got our new exchange student. Moise. He is from Paris, and he is a great kid. He’s super kind, helpful and has a great positive outlook on life. I’m already sad that he will be leaving us next summer – exchange student hosting is hard for that reason. Moise is so kind and eager and great with the kids – he brought them beautiful gifts and really enjoys playing silly games with them. He even offered to spoon feed the toddler today! Wow – what a young man!

I also saw the first colourful leaves of fall today – falling down from their treetop homes to carpet the roads. Soon it will be time for beautiful fall family photos – and with school starting, some great outdoor shots of the kids might be nice to complement the standard school packages. Give me a call, or email me.

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Those are my updates – how have you been? Let me know in the comments.