Monthly Archives: July 2010

Back End

I’m messing around on the back end a bit today.  Page colours and whatnot may change sporadically.  If you see something you like, post a comment or something to let me know, but also let know what it is – cause I might change it again later on.

If you can’t get here sometime today, don’t worry too much.  I should have everything resolved by the end of the day.  If not, kindly send me an email to jeff at

Oh, and if it’s all broken, likely can’t read this anyway, so don’t worry.

See you on the flipside. (Which may or may not look any different than this side.)

Changes Happening

In order to attempt to target the market I really want to shoot for I’ve decided to update a few things, can a few projects and generally make a better plan for the future.

Shortly, will become defunct.  I will probably redirect it to this host.  I had a good time starting with my free wordpress page, and I was super pumped about the 52 weeks project.  I’m still doing it, barely, but I’m not posting on it anymore.

I’ve decided that I’d like to run an informational page as well as a portfolio page.  Somewhere to put tips, hints, articles, photography community feedback and whatnot.  That idea isn’t finalized yet, but it’s in the works.  This site will continue to function as it is, with a constantly updated portfolio of the images I’ve been creating – specifically tailored in the near future to represent what I want to do more of.

Of course, my facebook page will continue to be my main community and customer interaction – I’ll keep posting updates, teasers and statuses there.  Feel free to follow, like and share my work – the more my community supports me, the more awesome stuff I can create.

Contest Winner Shoot Tonight

If you follow me on facebook, you know I recently ran a contest giving away a free portrait shoot to a lucky entrant.  The contest winner was Michelle Munch – and we’ve already sat down to have a consultation.

Our shoot is scheduled for tonight, so I’m quite excited.  I really want to give her some awesome shots that make her feel great, so my mind is very occupied while I’m working my IT day job.

I’ll post a couple of teasers in the next couple days on Facebook as long as all goes well with tonights shoot. (ie. it doesn’t get cancelled for pouring rain or something!)

So far the day is nice and the forest fires in the vicinity have a slight positive aspect of filling the air with particulate, creating very dramatic evening light which has been a joy to work with lately – there’s a silver lining to every cloud I guess!