Monthly Archives: June 2010

Updates on the way

Life has been busy! A very cool photoshoot for a ladies vocal group called “Sweet Harmony” and a cool fashion style shoot for an acquaintance are highlights.

I’ll be putting up a couple new images tonight, so if you’ve been cursing the boring static-ness of my site, be happy!

Busy Times

I’ve been very busy subcontracting my services as a photographic assistant to another local photographer.  Lots of fun shoots, some weddings, and some long days.

I’m catching up on my edits – finally taking things from my to-do list and moving them to to-done!

One of my next projects is batch resizing images for upload to this site to increase my portfolio depth.

Also – contest in the works.  I haven’t figured out all the details yet, but the prize will likely be a free 1/2 hour personal photoshoot.  I have a couple of fun locations I want to try.

Until then…